Single Row Ball Bearings

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The different rolling bearing types have specific characteristics due to their design. Depending on the type, they are suitable for widely differing applications. Ball roller bearings are designed such that they fulfil a range of technical and economic requirements to an excellent degree. This new type can be used to achieve optimum designs for new bearing arrangements and to replace existing bearing arrangements. The following overview shows comparable rolling bearing types and describes their suitability for the requirements placed on a bearing. In the application, the information in this TPI as well as in Catalogue HR 1, Rolling Bearings, must be observed. Other seal designs are available by agreement. Lubrication Open bearings can be lubricated with grease or oil. Bearings sealed on both sides are greased for life using a lithium soap grease with a mineral oil base.



Single row deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used roller bearing type in the world due to their versatility and overall performance. They are characterized by having deep raceway grooves in which the inner and outer rings have circular arcs of slightly larger radius than that of the balls. They also have non-separable rings.Single row ball slewing bearing are four point contact bearing, it has only one row of steel balls. The raceways in these bearings are positioned off-center to handle angular (combined radial and thrust) loads.. Double-row bearings handle thrust loads in both directions.. Open bearings dissipate heat more efficiently than shielded and sealed bearings.. Shielded bearings block out dust and other contaminants, but do not dissipate heat as efficiently as open bearings.



SKF 6201-2RSH/LHT23 Single Row Ball Bearings

Take-Up Type Quote
Medium Load No

SKF 629-2RSH/C3GJN Single Row Ball Bearings

4.76 mm -40 °C
100 mm 52 mm

SKF 608-2RSH/GJN Single Row Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bea Single
[Steel] Steel Available

SKF 608-2RSL/C3LHT23 Single Row Ball Bearings

[Steel] Steel Flange Type
7 Days Clear Anodize

SKF 607-2RSH/LHT23 Single Row Ball Bearings

30.9 mm 33.3 mm
67.8 mm 11mm

SKF 6202-2RSL/C3 Single Row Ball Bearings

B00308 0.0
C4-Extra Loose Ball Bearing

SKF 6002-2RSHNR/C3GJN Single Row Ball Bearings

FLE215- R1/8"
66 kN 33.3 mm

SKF 6200-2RSHNR/C3GJN Single Row Ball Bearings

100 °C 14mm
18.2 kN 29.6 kN

SKF 6300-2RSH/C3GJN Single Row Ball Bearings

Flange Type Single
6 No

SKF 6301-2RSH/C3GJN Single Row Ball Bearings

8 mm 5.09 Hz
8.5 kN 27 mm

SKF 6200-2RSH/LT Single Row Ball Bearings

Available [Steel] Steel
6 Flange Type